First of all, I did not write the below myself, it was something that I picked up as a comment from another member of an online wealth program that I recently went through.

I don’t usually post other people’s content without their permission, but this content is too important not to share. I hope you don’t mind Katie :)

Without further messing about, here it is:

I am paid to help as many as I can every day, I thought I could help here and I am not looking for getting anything.


“Money is a destructive number to focus on… is nothing more then a reward for focusing on the important numbers in your life.”

This is what my employer wrote me once and it still rings with me, I thought it would help here since everything is focused on money in these videos. I asked him “what numbers he was referring to” he said…

“There are only 3 numbers to focus on…

1. The people around you… increase their value and your connection with them and ALWAYS prioritize them first. (that is everyone around you, not just friends and family)

2. The passions in your life… live the way you love to live, be and stay 100% there, it will be the base to producing what ends up great in your life.

3. The growth of your purpose… have a purpose greater then yourself and continue grow that purpose. Do this by creating value and focus on conversion numbers so your value can reach the most people that need it (automate this so it can not disrupt #1-2 and so you can repeat this process to reach true stability and freedom.) The value exchange will happen in forms of money and/or in the growth or your own personal currency (which is a lot more valuable) and it will continue to appear and grow as long as you maintain focus on the right numbers.”

Here’s something interesting that he wrote me when I asked him, how much money he makes a year…

“Honestly, I have not known how much I make for the past few years… I do know the illusion of money has not a been a problem because I am not addicted to it and it will never be a problem because I only focused on the important numbers.”

And last, an action step he gave me that I found very help to apply…

“Write one or more things down for the day that’s toward progression and evolving those three numbers, everyday, and DO IT… that’s all that SUCCESS really is.” – Tyson Hale

This email has helped me in my own life and business more then anything else, I always seem to focus on the wrong numbers and that is where I fall short in increasing my the value around me. If it rings a bell, really focus on ONLY those 3 numbers every day and see what it does for you…

Hope this helps somebody, that’s all my job is,


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